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Sound and simple design.  Bartlett Street Paperie offers meal planners, kitchen cheat sheets, and other "how did I ever live without this?" paper products.

Bartlett Street Paperie was established in 2006 offering custom invitations and stationery.  After a brief sabbatical (5+ years, ahem...) we are relaunching with an edited menu.  

First up, Meal Planning Notebooks.  Why?  Because we believe in dinner.  And we know that a well-planned menu leads to less stress and greater focus on the relationships built around a dinner table.

I was so sad when the format of my forever-favorite meal planner was changed and no longer met my needs.  The week I was down to the last page I decided to I design my own.  I ordered in bulk to keep printing costs down, offered them to my friends and family.  Encouraged by those people and a few shops around town, I'm glad to have a public place for others to purchase.

Coming soon, more useful tools and goods for the home and kitchen.  In the meantime, go cook dinner!